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Al-Erwa Company

Al-Erwa Company

Al-Erwa Company is specialized in logistics, general services and supplying.

The team at Al-Erwa Company are dedicated to providing the best possible customer service.

We know that you work hard and are well prepared. Likewise, the team at Al-Erwa are well prepared to provide you the highest quality apparatus, the best Repair and Maintenance service, and the highest quality parts and safety equipment.
If you would like some information about our products and services, or you just need an answer to a question, we’re ready to provide the answers you need.

The Type of services we can achieve is:


  • Maintenance for Generators
  • General Supplying
  • PPE requirements supply
  • Operate and manage Hydro static test.
  • Fire Trucks Supply
  • Fire Water Tankers supply
  • Maintenance of Fire Trucks
  • Fire Extinguishers Supply
  • Special coveralls for Fire Fighting Personnel.


The key to handling a fire efficiently is preparation. Every day, around the nation, brave firefighters enter burning buildings to save lives. The right equipment and fire apparatus is essential to keep you safe so you can do your jobs efficiently. Al-Erwa supports efforts made worldwide to strengthen fire safety standards and is dedicated to delivering trusted fire safety gear.

Leading name brand manufacturers commit themselves to ongoing quality enhancement, research and development and testing to produce products that protect and preserve in the middle of scorching fire situations. Al-Erwa offers you a comprehensive range of top quality fire equipment that gives you a powerful first line of defense against fire. We also have a deep stock of fire fighting and safety apparel.



Some of the top grade products we make available to you include:

  • Newton Quick Dump Valves
  • Fire Extinguishers, Nozzles and Pry Axes
  • Helmets and Accessories
  • Lights and Sirens
  • Backpack Sprayers
  • Foam Products
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Flashlights and Scene Lighting
  • Rescue Rope, Fire Hose and Gear Bags
  • Portable Deck Monitors
  • Poly Tanks and Portable Tanks
  • Trauma Bags, Safety Vest and Protective Masks


Al-Erwa is dedicated to providing every customer with the very best in fire safety equipment.  Each and every

At AL-Erwa, we carry an extensive line of fire safety equipment for your fire safety needs and a full line of equipment for your apparatus.  We have a large inventory on hand in our in stock in our warehouse to meet your immediate needs and are able to order products not on hand.

As always we are interested in our customers’ needs and desires so should you not find a product you are interested in please give us a call and let us know.


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